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Writing About History: Persuasive Writing

Assignment: Imagine yourself living in the years between 1810 and 1860. Your assignment is to write a 500-700 word persuasive essay on a topic that stirred strong conflicting viewpoints during that time period. Which issue do you feel most strongly about? Which issue affects you personally? Here are some ways to start this research.

  • Review Chapter 12, "The Age of Jackson," Chapter 13, "Manifest Destiny," and Chapter 14, "A New Spirit of Change." Look for causes that divided the nation. Choose the cause that interests you the most.
  • Look through the unit for details, examples, and reasons you can use to support your argument.
  • In the library, use the electronic card catalog to find books about your topic.
  • Online, use search engines to find Web sites to find evidence that supports your cause. Use available databases and electronic encyclopedias with links to the World Wide Web for information. Visit the Research Links for Creating America at