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Special Feature Links

Use the links below to find more information on the special features in this chapter and to explore related topics.

Interdisciplinary Challenge: Revolutionary America

Archiving Early America earlyamerica/ maps/
Excellent source for information on the thirteen colonies, the Revolutionary War, and the early republic. Links, essays, and maps covering subjects ranging from the Siege of Charlestown to the United States in 1812.

USA Today Snapshot snapshot/ news/ snapndex.htm
For great ideas on the creative use of charts and graphs, browse this index of daily "snapshots" posted on the USA Today Web site.

Literature Connections

Ireland's Troubled History wp-srv/ inatl/ longterm/ nireland/ overview.htm
This Washington Post special feature provides a thorough introduction to the history of the Irish struggle against British rule; it includes an overview, time line, key points, Web links, and news.

Russian Revolution Resources europe/ rusrev_links.html
Collection of links to a variety of research materials on the Russian Revolution.

Primary Source Explorer: The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence national-archives-experience/ charters/ declaration.html
Image of the original Declaration of Independence and links to articles, documents, and information about the Declaration.

History Workshop: The American Revolution Liberty Tree

Writings of Thomas Paine library/ index.asp?subcategory=15
Collected writings of Thomas Paine, including "Common Sense," "Rights of Man" and "Age of Reason."