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Special Feature Links

Use the links below to find more information on the special features in this chapter and to explore related topics.

Citizenship Today: Becoming a U.S. Citizen

VoteBook Citizenship Test votebook/ citizenship/ citstart.html
From The Herald-Sun, a multiple-choice citizenship test based on the official test administered by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

The U.S. Citizenship Test wp-srv/ national/ longterm/ citizen/ citizen.htm
An interesting article from the Washington Post about the U.S. citizenship test.

Primary Source Explorer: Report to the Massachusetts Legislature

Dorothea Dix: Memorial To The Legislature of Massachusetts lib/ docs/ 737.htm
Full text of Dorothea Dix's Memorial To The Legislature of Massachusetts.

Geography in History: The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad features/ 99/ railroad/
A National Geographic interactive presentation that allows you to put yourself in the position of a slave and choose your path to freedom.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
Visit the official site of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, a museum in Cincinnati, Ohio.

History Workshop: Immigration

The Immigrant Journey parkinfo/ sl/ history/ journey.html
A description of a typical 19th-century immigrant's journey to the United States. It begins with the decision to make the journey to the experience of traveling in steerage—the cheapest deck on a ship—and concluding with the arrival at Ellis Island.

Across the Generations generations/
A site that seeks to make learning about the history of different types of communities a more immediate, interesting, and challenging experience for students.