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Creating America
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Chapter Objectives

Chapter Objective
The student will explain how the leaders of the new nation met the challenges of establishing a sound economy and a stable, democratic government.

SECTION 1 Washington's Presidency

  1. To explain how the nation's court system was established
  2. To describe the first cabinet
  3. To analyze Hamilton's financial plans
  4. To identify interpretations of the Constitution and explain how they influenced attitudes toward the national bank

SECTION 2 Challenges to the New Government

  1. To explain why Washington wanted to secure the Trans-Appalachian West
  2. To analyze the causes and outcome of the Battle of Fallen Timbers
  3. To identify the reasons for the Whiskey Rebellion
  4. To explain how Washington maintained U.S. neutrality

SECTION 3 The Federalists in Charge

  1. To explain how political parties developed
  2. To identify the problems President John Adams faced with France
  3. To describe and evaluate the Alien and Sedition Acts and responses to them
  4. To explain how Adams made peace with France