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Chapter Objectives

Chapter Objective
The student will organize events of the American Revolution in chronological sequence and analyze the causes that led to an American victory.

SECTION 1 The Early Years of the War

  1. To describe colonial opinions on American independence
  2. To explain the importance of the mid-Atlantic coastal cities
  3. To analyze early British strategy
  4. To summarize the causes and effects of the Battles of Saratoga

SECTION 2 The War Expands

  1. To explain why and how Europeans helped the United States
  2. To gain insight into the hardships and sacrifices of the revolutionary forces
  3. To describe the war on the frontier
  4. To summarize important battles at sea

SECTION 3 The Path to Victory

  1. To explain why the war shifted to the South
  2. To analyze fighting methods and their effects
  3. To summarize events that led to the war's end

SECTION 4 The Legacy of the War

  1. To evaluate the strengths of the American army in comparison with the British army
  2. To summarize the 1783 Treaty of Paris
  3. To analyze the costs of the Revolution
  4. To identify challenges that the new United States faced after the war