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Creating America
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Return to book index Chapter 3 : The English Establish 13 Colonies
Chapter Objectives

Chapter Objective
The student will understand how the first English colonies survived and began to grow, while colonists both learned from and experienced conflict with Native Americans.

SECTION 1 Early Colonies Have Mixed Success

  1. To describe early English attempts at colonizing
  2. To explain English financing of a colony
  3. To summarize how Jamestown was founded and grew
  4. To analyze the conflicts of the Jamestown colonists both with Native Americans and among the colonists themselves

SECTION 2 New England Colonies

  1. To explain why the Pilgrims established Plymouth Colony
  2. To explain why the Puritans set up the Massachusetts Bay Colony
  3. To identify the New England Way and to evaluate challenges to Puritan leadership
  4. To summarize the causes and effects of King Philip's War and the Salem witchcraft trials

SECTION 3 Founding the Middle and Southern Colonies

  1. To compare the founding of the four Middle Colonies
  2. To trace the growth of the Middle Colonies
  3. To explain how economics influenced the development of the Southern Colonies
  4. To identify unique reasons for the founding of Georgia and Maryland