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Chapter Objectives

Chapter Objective
The student will understand the challenges faced by the nation during the 20th century and speculate about the challenges of the 21st century

SECTION 1 Prosperity and the Great Depression

  1. To identify causes of the economic prosperity of the 1920s
  2. To describe ways American culture changed during the 1920s
  3. To analyze the causes and effects of the Great Depression
  4. To evaluate New Deal policies and their lasting effects

SECTION 2 The Rise of Dictators and World War II

  1. To identify dictators who took power in the 1930s and to describe the beginning of World War II
  2. To explain why the United States entered the war
  3. To describe how the war affected American life
  4. To trace the war in Europe and the Pacific

SECTION 3 The Cold War

  1. To analyze how the Cold War affected U.S. policies
  2. To describe the Cold War conflicts between the superpowers
  3. To evaluate the foreign policies off Johnson and Nixon
  4. To explain how the Cold War ended

SECTION 4 Life in America Since 1945

  1. To describe the postwar economy and the civil rights movement
  2. To explain the achievement of the Great Society and movements for equal rights
  3. To evaluate the 1980s conservative movement and the Clinton presidency
  4. To describe the diverse U.S. population