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Chapter Objectives

Chapter Objective
The student will understand the far-reaching consequences of the political and economic decisions made by Andrew Jackson during his two terms as president.

SECTION 1 Politics of the People

  1. To explain the importance of the 1824 election
  2. To analyze Jacksonian democracy and the expansion of voting rights
  3. To explain why Jackson was known as "the people's president"
  4. To evaluate Jackson's use of the spoils system

SECTION 2 Jackson's Policy Toward Native Americans

  1. To explain the conflict between whites and Native Americans in the Southeast
  2. To evaluate Jackson's removal policy
  3. To describe the hardships of the Trail of Tears
  4. To explain how Native American groups in the East resisted removal

SECTION 3 Conflicts Over States' Rights

  1. To identify the issues that led to rising sectional differences
  2. To explain how the "Tariff of Abominations" led to a crisis over nullification
  3. To analyze the issues in the debate over states' rights
  4. To describe how South Carolina's threat to secede was resolved

SECTION 4 Prosperity and Panic

  1. To explain why conflict erupted over the Second Bank of the United States
  2. To describe how Jackson destroyed the bank
  3. To analyze how economic prosperity turned into depression
  4. To explain how the Whig Party won the election of 1840