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Creating America
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Chapter Objectives

Chapter Objective
The student will describe how events on four continents—Europe, Africa, and the Americas—led to the exploration of the Americas and the meeting of peoples from diverse cultures.

SECTION 1 Societies of North America

  1. To explain how people first migrated to the Americas
  2. To describe early Native American civilizations
  3. To describe the diversity of North American societies around 1500

SECTION 2 Societies of West Africa and Europe

  1. To describe the geography of Africa, the continent's trade links, and the development of West African kingdoms
  2. To explain how Catholicism and feudalism affected life in Europe and the significance of the Renaissance and the Reformation

SECTION 3 Early European Explorers

  1. To describe the Portuguese water route to Asia
  2. To explain why Spain's rulers financed Columbus's voyages of discovery
  3. To describe Columbus's first voyage
  4. To evaluate the geographic knowledge Columbus brought back from his voyages