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To play, click on the desired block with your mouse, or move the cursor with your ARROW KEYS. When the block is highlighted, type your letter. To switch from across to down or vice versa use the ARROW KEYS or Control-CLICK with your mouse. To clear the puzzle, click on your browser's REFRESH or RELOAD button. After clicking "Check Answers", incorrect letters will be marked with an "X". Your teacher has access to the completed puzzle.

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1.October 29, 1929 (2 wrds)
3.Type of labor strike (2 wrds)
6.He believed in "rugged individualism" (2 wrds)
8.Labor organizations
11.People who want government intervention
12.Responsible for art in public places
13.These justices opposed FDR programs (2 wrds)
2.River valley famous for dam project
4.It broke away from AFL in 1938
5.A financial risk taken in hopes of profit
6.Famous 1933 session of Congress (2 wrds)
7.Franklin and Eleanor
9.FDR's programs to fight the Depression (2 wrds)
10.This and New Deal helped end Depression (2 wrds)