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Chapter Objectives

Chapter Objective
The student will identify advances in American technology during the 1920s and evaluate the far-reaching effects of those technological advances on American business and culture.

SECTION 1 The Business of America

  1. To summarize events of the Harding presidency
  2. To analyze economic policies of the Coolidge administration
  3. To describe U.S. foreign policy during the 1920s
  4. To examine the changes resulting from technological advances

SECTION 2 Changes in Society

  1. To identify changes in the roles of young people and women
  2. To analyze how Prohibition led to lawlessness
  3. To examine changes in the lifestyles of African Americans
  4. To explain how the changes of the 1920s caused conflict in society

SECTION 3 The Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance

  1. To analyze characteristics of the popular culture of the 1920s
  2. To explain how sports figures became popular heroes
  3. To identify the achievements of the Harlem Renaissance
  4. To identify writers of the Lost Generation