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Creating America
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Chapter Objectives

Chapter Objective
The student will examine the establishment and growth of colonies in the Americas and the developments that led to revolution and the creation of the United States.

SECTION 1 Three Worlds Meet

  1. To describe the first Americans and the diversity of their cultures
  2. To discuss significant features of West African and European societies
  3. To analyze the goals and consequences of European voyages of exploration
  4. To outline the origins and development of slavery in the Americas

SECTION 2 The English Colonies

  1. To examine the founding and development of English colonies
  2. To explain the differences among the different colonial regions
  3. To describe how representative government took root in the colonies
  4. To analyze the causes and consequences of the French and Indian War

SECTION 3 The American Revolution

  1. To examine the issues that divided Great Britain and the American colonies
  2. To describe the creation of the Declaration of Independence
  3. To analyze the major figures and events of the Revolutionary War
  4. To understand the causes that led to the American victory