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Historic Decisions of the Supreme Court

Regents v. Bakke

Use the Web sites below to research and read about Proposition 209, California's 1996 law banning affirmative action at state universities. Prepare arguments for an in-class debate about whether the law will have a positive or negative long-term effect.

Background on University of California v. Bakke usa/ infousa/ facts/ democrac/ 41.htm
History and decision of the Supreme Court case that challenged affirmative action.

Civil Rights usa/ civilrights/
U.S. State Department Web site offering a history and chronology of federal affirmative action policies with links to articles and documents from organizations concerned about the issue.

Affirmative action: History of Controversy 2/low/ americas/ 2664505.stm
BBC article published in 2003 discussing the Bakke case in the context of President George Bush's statements on affirmative action.