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Historic Decisions of the Supreme Court

Koremastu v. United States

Use the Web sites below to locate the three dissenting opinions in Koremastu written by Justices Frank Murphy, Robert Jackson, and Owen Roberts. Read one of these opinions, and then write a summary that states its main idea. What constitutional principle, if any, does the opinion use?

Of Civil Wrongs and Rights pov/ pov2001/ ofcivilwrongsandrights/ storyline.html
Profile of Fred Korematsu, a shipyard welder who twice went to the U.S. Supreme Court to challenge the World War II-era internment of Japanese Americans. Site includes recommendations for further reading and online exploration of Korematsu's case.

Confinement and Ethnicity history/ online_books/ anthropology74/ index.htm
National Park Service site provides an overview of World War II Japanese-American relocation, including information and photographs of each of the internment camps where Japanese Americans were held.

Japanese-American Internment Camps spc/ photo/ 9066/ 9066.htm
Photographs from Utah internment camps where Fred Korematsu and other Japanese Americans were held during World War II. The photographs are part of a collection at the University of Utah.