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Chapter Assessment Internet Activity

Want to show what you know? Use the Internet and the preselected Web sites provided below to complete the end-of-chapter Internet activity.

Alternative Assessment

Use the Web sites below to find out more about John Brown and the raid at Harpers Ferry. Discuss one of the following questions in a short essay.

  • How was John Brown regarded by abolitionists?
  • Was John Brown's plan destined to fail?

John Brown's Holy War wgbh/ amex/ brown/ index.html
Online supplement to PBS film on John Brown's life and legacy.

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park hafe/ jbfort.htm
National Park Service Web site providing images and description of the armory where Brown and several of his followers barricaded themselves during the last hours of their ill-fated raid.

John Brown: An Address by Frederick Douglass hafe/ jbfort.htm
Library of Congress Web site providing a transcript of Frederick Douglass's 1881 speech on John Brown's Harper's Ferry raid.