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5.5 Modeling with Linear Equations

5.5 Problem Solving Help

Help for Exercises 27-30 on page 303

Use the verbal model below to help find a linear model for Exercise 27.

1. Find two points on the line whose coordinates are both integers.

Verbal Model:


Use the variable x to represent the number of field goals made and the variable y to represent the number of free throws made.

In Exercise 28, use the subtraction property to write your linear model in slope-intercept form, y = mx + b. This form of the equation will help you answer Exercise 29, that is, to complete the table by finding several values of y. Once you have filled in the table for Exercise 29, make a graph. Set up the x- and y-axes. Remember to use scales that will allow you to show all the points from the table. Then plot the points. Notice that x and y must represent positive numbers (you cannot make a negative number of field goals or foul shots) so make sure that you only graph your line in the first quadrant. Because this a graph of a linear model, the points should fall along a straight line.

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