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4.2 Graphing Linear Equations

4.2 Problem Solving Help

Help for Exercises 54 and 55 on page 215

The equation modeling the number of households with internet access is already written in function form, so it does not need to be rewritten in function form. To make a table of values, you need to choose values for t. You can use integer values of t starting at 0 and ending with 6. Remember that t = 0 corresponds to the year 1996, t = 1corresponds to 1997, and so on.

In Exercise 55, to graph the equation using the table of values from Exercise 54, let the horizontal axis represent time (t) and the vertical axis represent the number of households (h) with Internet access (in millions). Choose a scale for each axis that will allow you to show both the maximum and minimum values. Label each axis and give the graph a title. Make sure that you indicate that the values of h are given in millions.