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12.2 Operations with Radical Expressions

12.2 Problem Solving Help

Help for Exercises 41-52 on page 702

Exercises 41-46 involve rational expressions that contain a single radical term in the denominator. The examples below are similar.

Example 1 Simplify    Solution:  

Example 2 Simplify    Solution:  

Notice that in Example 1, the final result is . This result does not simplify to because the numerator contains a radical while the denominator does not.

In Exercises 47-52, you are given expressions in the denominator of the form . Refer to the Study Tips on page 699. Multiplying by an appropriate radical expression with a value of one will eliminate the radical in the denominator. In general, . After this step, if possible identify common factors between the numerator and denominator and simplify the resulting expression.