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8.1 Multiplication Properties of Exponents

8.1 Problem Solving Help

Help for Exercises 46-51 on page 447

In Exercises 46-51, you can use the Multiplication Properties of Exponents to simplify all expressions containing exponents. Refer to the summary box at the bottom of page 445 which lists these properties. Be sure to carefully apply the properties in the same way that they are shown. Each of the first three examples of Lesson 8.1 shows how to properly apply one of the properties to simplify an exponential expression. In some cases you will need to apply more than one property to simplify the expression, as shown in Example 4.

Once you have simplified each expression, you will need to decide which side is greater. Some of these are fairly straightforward. For example, the inequality 4572 > 437 is true because there are more factors of 4 and 7 on the left-hand side.

The inequality 48 4236, however, may not be as easy. In this case, it is helpful to write the expression on the left side as 4246, giving the statement 4246 4236. Now you can see that both sides contain the expression 42. The remaining factor on the left side, 46, is clearly larger than 36. Therefore, the inequality statement should be written as 48 > 4236. You may wish to evaluate each expression of an inequality to be sure your answer is correct.