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2.8 Problem Solving Help

Help for Exercises 23-27 on page 118

Each of these exercises involves finding either the probability that an event will occur or the odds that an event will occur. You may find it helpful to review the formula for probability given on page 114 and the two formulas for odds given on page 116. You may even wish to write the formulas at the top of your paper. Next, read each problem carefully and write a verbal model. In substituting values for the expressions in the verbal models, you may need to analyze the given data. For example, in Exercise 24, you must first determine the number of pet-owning households that do not own a fish.

In Exercises 26 and 27, be sure you understand how the data are related to probabilities. For a given age group, the data were found by comparing the number of citizens in that group who moved to the total number of citizens in that group and writing that number as a percent. Before attempting to answer Exercises 26 and 27, compare that process to determining the probability that a member of that age group moved.