In Kapitel 32, you learned about people who seek adventure during their vacations. You also learned about some sport activities in German-speaking countries. Extreme sports such as canyoning and white water rafting have increasingly become more popular in Germany, but sports in general have always been an important activity in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Why do you think sports are so important in German-speaking countries?


The Blomberger Sportverein is an organization devoted to promoting sports in Germany. To learn more about their efforts to promote sports, go to the following Web site. As you explore the site, keep the following questions in mind:

  • When did the Verein get started?
  • What is the main purpose of the Verein?
  • Who may be a member of the Verein? What costs are associated with membership?
  • What types of sports are available through the Verein? What new types of sport are available?

Blomberger Sportverein
Learn more about a German sports club.


After exploring the site, look at your notes. What sports does the Verein promote? Create a poster showing the different types of sports the Verein promotes and their benefits. Illustrate your poster with pictures of your own or from the Web. What sports are popular in Germany? Display your poster and discuss the differences and similarities between sports in Germany and North America.

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